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Told Ya........

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Agent & Friend Reese Witherspoon has a new beau,
Hollywood agent Jim Roth.
What great news ..
A perfect match,
For them both.
Baby 2012 They should both beware March/April 2013

He needs to go away........

Just the other day..... Girlfriend beating  thug/rapper. Chris Brown..... was praised by a judge that he  was doing so well. With his probation 
for beating his then 
girlfriend Rihanna. But now, the moron  has gone on an homophobic rant. Looks to me like the moron  has gone right back to his normal behaviour. 
If she get's back in touch with him, 
which she will......
It'll be the death of her, literally !!! He'll just get worse as we enter  the New Year. He will be in jail by the end of 2012