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Told Ya......

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Ding,Dong times two...
So Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon,
married just two years.
Renewed their vows the other day.
Pray tell, what are they trying to prove?
That they are married?
Or that it is a real marriage?
My thought.
"Ye doth protest too much".However they will be pregnant by years end.Times two, one of each....... Posted by Psychic Gossip at 5:09 AM

Another Day Another Mistake,,,,,,

Apparently Lindsay Lohanborrowed a necklace worth $2.500.From a Los Angeles jeweller.... The problem is the jeweller didn't know.So the jeweller filed a police report.But as if by magic..A minon of La Lohan.returned the necklace....before the police could search.Mason Lohan.........Not going to go down well with the parole officer.Another step closer to " Clinky "