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Joe, Ye protesth too much........

Joe Simpson ex pastor and father to 
Jessica & Ashley.
Claims that he isn't "GAY"
Personally I don't believe him.
Well below is a pic of Bryce Chandler.
Who is one of Joe's boyfriends.

I don't care whether he's "GAY" or not.
But I do not like " HYPOCRITES".
Joe you make "GAY" sound bad.
You denying who you are is BAD.
Just watch before Xmas will come the tell all.


Anonymous said…
Times is tough. I don't blame the gays for telling all for pay. Joe should live his truth. Everyone knows he is not a Christian pastor anymore. Besides, any man that lusts over his own daughter's body is sick.

You are right Christian. For some reason society makes a big deal about who or what people go to bed with. Some things should remain private. T. W.

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