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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Going to pot......

My favourite lesbian Justin Bieber,
it appears is getting more & more out of control.
Somebody please step in.
We want him to see 2014.


Anonymous said...

This is sad. I wonder who got him started on drugs? T. W.

Kayla Studavent said...

I've been hearing rumors as of lately about him doing a lot of pot, and how he has a lot of "yes" people around him, some of these rumors have been denied (for namesake of course) but that hard to guess that he does what he wants, when he wants. As for his on/off relationship with Selena (due to him cheating back to back) it's going to end in more heartbreak, don't know what that girl sees in him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kayla. A lot of these relationships are put together by the industry. It is about the almighty dollar. I think Selena was too old to be with that boy anyway. T. W.