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One Hell of a Told Ya......

The Futurist’s
Predictions for 2012
(Completed 21 st Dec 2011)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

35. POPE El Papa is in for a rough year, if he gets through it’ll be a miracle, mind you that’s what is supposed to deal in. Something is really causing him concern, a not just his health, a secret. He should tell it. Although doing so will upset his followers.


Anonymous said…
I read that the Pope has stated he did not want to be Pope. Is the secret or something else (I think the secret is his to tell). Could it have something to do with the way he handled the pedophilia cases? I have a feeling he was doing what he was told, which could be another reason why he didn't want to be Pope.

Do you see anything about the next Pope? St. Malachy called him Peter the Roman and stated "The end." He didn't say the end of what, it is taken for granted he referred to the time before Jesus' second coming. Some say it is the end of the Catholic Church and the papacy as we know it. My opinion is he was referring to both.

Thank you for your blog! T. W.
Christian Dion said…
Hi TW The real reason for this criminal resigning is contained in this documentary, Which was shown on HBO the other day and can still be seen. In it they show that he knew all along about the child sex abuse. So on we go to the next Pope who was predicted centuries ago to be the last. If you can bare to watch the film, it took me two days it is so harrowing. You will see that The Vatican has no link to God, only power and greed. As I have always said God and religion have nothing to do with each other. C
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much Christian! You speak the truth! God wants relationship, not religion. He says this.

A commentor on the CDAN site pointed out the timing of the documentary and the pope's resignation. I didn't know enough to have an opinion. I pray the pope repents and truly finds Jesus. I think we should pray for all the Catholics as well. To all of us Christians, we need to rely on the word of God, not any human. To all the non Christians, I respect your beliefs and pray God provides for your needs. T. W
Sandy said…
I am rewatching the documentary right now. It is sickening!! This is the reason why he resigned. This is very very deep. I saw nothing but evil in his face since the first say I saw him. He does not have a kind face, it is pure evil.
Over 70 molesters in the arch diocese at one point..Horrible!!
Wake up and live and stop following blindly..
Don't sit back and wait for things to happen. Get UP and make your own life path. God helps those who helps themselves.

Once again you nailed it Christian. el papa is outta there.
Money greed and power.. bottom line!!

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