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Come on really a Joe Jonas sex tape.....ha ha

This has to be the funniest idea ever.
the buzz around " Hollywierd" is that Joe Jonas has a sex tape that someone is threatening to leak.
This could only be true if it was a 
performance tape.
Or an instruction tape of what not to do.
But, sad to say it doesn't exist.
Shame though because  if it did.
You could out it on the TV, 
when you want unwanted guests to leave.


Anonymous said…
Although I believe you Christian, frankly I wouldnt be surprised if it was true. There have been lots and lots of rumors that this kid is a serious drug user thanks to his girlfriend. They say she is also a famewhore-and you can tell by looking at him that he is in some serious need of some help. And the rumors said it was not a "solo" performance tape but with his girlfriend and a friend/photographer in the room while they are also doing drugs
Anonymous said…
I do not want to see that. T. W.
Kayla Studavent said…
Lol the rumor got started from a stupid blindgossip site who happens to be right on some occasions but other than those few instances, they have made up a lot of other crap, and I believe this to be false.
Erika said…
I honestly think Blind Gossip got trolled by Joe Jonas or his GF's people. I think their team fed them the blind so that the world would start talking about them since no one is anymore.
Anonymous said…
He still looks like a Heroine user to me

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