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On the way out?

I get the feeling that Kanye West.
Kim Kardashians sperm donor.
Is looking for a way out.
Not surprised really as he is just a selfish prick.
Plus she deserves all she gets.
But one has to feel sorry for the unborn child.
These people think of no one but themselves.


Anonymous said…
Well they just purchased a 15 million dollar home. He is making moves making it seem that he is committed. I take it the baby was not planned, at least not by him. How much longer do you give them?
Anonymous said…
I think they will make it down the aisle and then divorce once rumours of cheating begin. She would be stupid to think he doesn't.
Anonymous said…
You guys. Kim is still married to another man and he is dragging everything out because she won't admit to fraud. Kanye acts dumb and I believe he is gsy or bi, just like the rest of Hollywood. You know he wants a paternity test. The only reason he is still with Kim is the baby. Not only that, he was not with Kim when she was in the hospital over a miscarriage scare.

If I were that baby I would miscarry myself but I think the child will be born okay. The sad thing is both her parents are into the occult. Speaking partially from experience the child doesn't stand a chance. T. W.

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