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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Almost unbelievable................

“Teen Mom” 
reality star,
Farrah Abraham, 
turned slut, turned porn star.
Claims she did the porn movie for privacy ???
then she claimed she wouldn't ever do that again.
I sense that she's going to an all female threesome.
Silly Bitch.
Plain and simple.


Erika said...

Yeah, this was on Crazy Days and Nights

And Perez posted this

Anonymous said...

Her family must be very proud of her. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Some women look for the wrong attention. Sex tape/porn is not the answer to fame or money. She just seems like a really damaged woman. Rehab, jail time, or suicide coming. Am I guessing right CD?

Anonymous said...

Who didn't see this coming?

For a good laugh go here and be sure to read the comments. One of the commenters gives a play by play and it is funny! T. W.


Anonymous said...

So what.Its only porn.I'm sure everyone on this site has watched a porno in their lifetime and gotten off to one! Get over yourself. :)

Christian Dion said...

It's not about watching it's about her thinking she's made a good choice in life idiot CD

Anonymous said...

Fuck you.My comment was directed towards someone else (as in the 2nd commenter) idiot.

Anonymous said...

Some gossip sites claim she brought her father and daughter to the set. Everyone wants to be Kim Kardashian. T. W.