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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

From the field to the screen.....

Well, Hollywood is all in a titter.
All due to David Beckham.
Tom Cruise it seems can't wait to get hold of Goldenballs.
In a movie......
Looks like the rest of Hollywood is following suit.
Well, he will make great eye candy, that's for sure.
But....acting well........
Mind you he is married to Posh Spice .
That must take some acting skills on a daily basis.
So he'll make a fortune, but no Oscars.


Anonymous said...

You are going to make me bust a gut from laughing! T. W.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but, that's an interesting angel tattoo he has over his heart. I knew of someone who had a similar tattoo after his wife had a miscarriage. He was a sweet guy and it impacted him a lot, I guess it was his way of coping. I now wonder...

Anonymous said...

His wife is painfully thin and I have no idea how she managed to bring children into the world. I hope she is not physically ill. T. W.