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Not a good idea......

So the US government has decided to charge the ex NSA contractor Edward Snowden,
 with treason.
Not a good idea at all.
This will bite them back so hard.
They should just ignore it,
 if they want the best result.
Watch for South America to take him.


Anonymous said…
Uh-oh! I hope the right people see this. My guess is this guy knows something that should not be revealed but he is willing to do it. Maybe he is willing to sell information to another country for amnesty? Talk about choosing your battles! T. W.
Anonymous said…
I wonder, what made him become a whistle blower in the first place? Is he alone and couldn't stand all this 1984 stuff happening anymore, or just a puppet "forced" by an organisation to offend the amercian and british government?
Whats behind it/him?
Anonymous said…
Looks like he has safe refuge in Russia now away from the Tyrannical US govt and institutions who spy on their own people. When Dick Cheney calls you a traitor - you know you are doing the right thing!

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