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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

TOLD YA..BYe BYe THe View.........

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My View of Lesbians, Mrs Hassleback..........

On the "View" Elizabeth Hassleback,
(gone in three years)
Who's claim to fame,
is that she was a finalist on the reality show,
"Survivor" some years ago.
Stated the the reason she believes,
that there are so many late in life Lesbians.
Is that as they are old, so they can't get a man.
You just can't make this stuff up.
I do understand that the two brain cells that she has.
Are rattling around in all that space she has in her head.
But, really Elizabeth, 
you can't be so dumb as to believe what you said?
You should rent out all that space in your head to Donald Trump.
He could house the whole of Manhattan in there and make you some money.
You are going to need it, when ABC don't renew your contract.
Didn't you know that you are surrounded by Lesbians at ABC, duh.........


Anonymous said...

Hmmm are you outing the Ladies of the View? Not that any of that is shocking or anything. Heard Elizabeth was headed to Fox friends or whatever, she'll fit right in with fellow moron Sarah palin.

Anonymous said...

She should point her finger at herself before she does other people. I have never understood racism for a certain race, sexual preference, sex, etc. It's the epitome of stupidity. I hope somehow she can realize that her view of gay people is totally wrong. KN

Anonymous said...

She belongs at FeauxNews. T. W.