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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dream or Vision...........UPDATE

So as most of you know I rarely talk of my dreams/visions.
But this one I had to share.
At the moment I am traveling across America.
Yes, driving ha ha......
To upstate New York.
Presently approaching Indianapolis.
But last night, I was talking with Prince Harry.
In the streets of London, about the latest claims his mum was murdered.
He was showing me photos to prove the point.
So my interpretation of this is.
She was.......
Always have said so.
The people who have come forward.
With the claims of the soldier are true.
That there will be photos to prove the claim.


Anonymous said...

I have thought this from day 1 but the powers that be will do whatever they have to to keep a lid on this surely?

Anonymous said...

Will any of the coverage of this matter ever shed light on why it was done? Sam

Anonymous said...

CD, was she really pregnant when they killed her?

Anonymous said...

I can't see the pic.

Christian Dion said...

Seems pic not working CD

Anonymous said...

Hi. I use my Android device. Laptop crashed last month. I have not been able to see the pics for a few days.

Princess Diana died while I was in basic training. All the conspiracy theories say the royals had her killed because she was going to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim man. When the truth comes out I pray it ALL comes out. I wonder if this will cause Prince Charles to step aside so Prince William can become king? The plot thickens. . . T. W.

Anonymous said...

Christian - this dovetails perfectly with your other prediction about Charles never being king. If this comes to light and Charles was involved ... who knows! I don't think it was about her marrying the muslim doctor - they weren't close to marrying. I think it was to clear the way for Charles to marry Camilla. How would it look on the "balcony" at Prince William's wedding to have Diana and Camilla both there? That's what I'm picking up (between the lines) from what your predictions have been.

Enjoy driving across America - it's such a beautiful country!

Anonymous said...

Christian, if the queen and phill were involved will they be found out before they leave (ie-pass)? i mean compassion for them in their old age and all that, but full respect for the truth it needs to come out. Or was it more to do with top government secret dudes, who knew diana maybe knew about illegal arms deals? are you allowed to tell us what you feel without putting your own safety at risk? cheers christion, christine.

Anonymous said...

Hi all. The National Enquirer says Diana was killed for two reasons. One, she was pregnant by a Muslim man. Two, she was ready to tell all about Prince Charles' homosexuality and his sex life. This is old news. The article says it is most likely Prince Philip ordered the hit.

Here's what's new. The Globe (American Tabloid) is reporting Queen Elizabeth had nothing to do with this. She has been paying for an investigation out of her own pocket and has photographic evidence. She has made Prince William aware of the findings. The Globe says arms dealers were upset with Lady Di because of all the land mines awareness. They were losing money. A Croatian "businessman" ordered and paid for the hit. The hit team comprised of Americans and Britons. A strobe light was shined into Lady Diana's driver's eyes and there were other cars to ensure there was a crash. That is all I remember. T. W.