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Sometimes not so nice......

Many of you have asked if,
I "SEE" things that are not nice.
All the time.
So in request to you asking to post them I will.
These are not always clear.
Woke up from a dram/nightmare.
Having had a vision of a jet orange/white.
Flying over London I feel.
Then is falls from the sky.
Into a lake/lagoon.
I also sensed a link to Los Angeles & Iran.

So there you have it.
These dreams feel so real it as if I have watched them on a news report.

No timeline.


Anonymous said…
CD, do you think it has something to do with a royal family?
Anonymous said…
Very scary, I worry that things won't get better for the world and we're headed for some kind of military state, more riots, etc. do you ever see things like that, too?
Anonymous said…
Really scary.... so much negativity makes you wonder where is this world heading to?

Christian I hope you can SEE some positive things too and post them in this blog. Lately it's all so depressive.
Anonymous said…
CD, a bit off topic. Prince Harry apparently got engaged. Can you tell if its serious and he’s finally getting married?
Anonymous said…
US Airways and Southwest Airlines have orange planes. Those planes are for domestic flights only. That could be the Los Angeles connection. Maybe the terrorists steal a plane and head to London?

If we want the right people to get these messages, why not call someone one a cell phone and talk about it? The NSA will be sure to listen in.

Years ago I had a dream that something horrible will take place in America. I want to point out I have described this dream twice on this blog. I saw President Obama looking out the Oval Office window. He hung his head. I saw gray smoke outside. God told me He is allowing horrible things to happen in order to bring the President to Him. President Obama is Muslim, trust and believe this. God also showed me two assassination attempts. God is desperate for Obama to come back to Him.

God has also told me several times we need to pray for Pope Francis. God said Pope wants to do the right thing but certain people want him gone.

Friends, I don't care what your religion is. PRAY!! T. W.
Anonymous said…
President Obama is not a Muslim, you right wing parrot. You are delusional.
Anonymous said…
God bless you. Thank you for providing proof to refute my claims.

You might want to research the last "church" he went to. Ever notice his family tends to vacation during Ramadan? Ever notice his campaign logo? There is an Islamic prophecy about the sun rising in the west. Remember when he gave a speech at the football stadium and was standing under a white bronco? Islamic prophecy states their savior (The Mahdi or The Twelfth Iman) will ride on a white horse. Watch his body language when he meets with other Muslims and watch him when he deals with Jews. Obama knows Middle East culture for he was raised Muslim since birth. His college room mates also say he is a practicing Muslim. Now you cannot find these men.

President Obama has publicly stated he believes there are many paths to Heaven. This definitely proves he is not Christian for Jesus Christ said no one comes to the Father except through him. Let's say you are right and I am wrong. President Obama is definitely not a Christian and we need to pray for the salvation of him and his entire household.

As for being a right wing parrot, I am black and vote democrat. I was in the military and there are many Muslims within the ranks. I am familiar with the Quran and the Hadith. I also have Muslim friends and trust me, the joke is on us. I have voted for Obama both times and do not regret it. I believe he has some very bad advisers and I truly believe some person(s) on his Secret Service detail have no intention of protecting him.

I have submitted proof to support my claims. A delusional person does not have any. I forgive you for your ignorance and pray you have learned a lesson. Too bad we don't know who you are. We could pray for you by name. T. W.
Anonymous said…
You are ridiculous. Why don't you go troll on one of your sad right wing blogs all paid for by the vile Koch Brothers, m'kay? Only the truly ignorant continue to spout that nonsense that was engendered with the sole purpose of getting the racists all worked up. I really don't care about your paranoid delusions and your Alex Jones ignorance and I doubt anyone else cares. This is NOT about Obama, idiot. Oh and wrong again...he was not raised a Muslim since birth....try Christian liar. I don't care what lies your right wing overlords made up to entertain the racists and ignoramuses like you.

There are many paths to heaven, you idiot does that make ME a Muslim too? It does not prove he is not Christian unless you are an uneducated moron that likes to read things into sentences that are not there. Get a life, fool. Again your ignorant remark about Jesus proves how you have to reach to farm more lies about him. Grow up.

You are a liar. No Democrat would use a small "d" and no Democrat would stupidly buy into the idiocy of Obama being a Muslim. You really are something special.....I mean Bush was a blood-thirsty, election stealing, murderer and we didn't keep hammering on those inconvenient FACTS the way you idiots keep repeating your racist garbage. Oh you have friends that are Muslim is that the new dog whistle racism for "I have friends that are black"? You never voted for Obama, you are not black, not a Democrat, and you do not have Muslim friends. You are a liar and a right wing Fox news believer and heritage foundation fool.

Spew your hatred elsewhere because this is not the forum for it. You have submitted no support. All you've done is spout idiocy and lies, rumors and conjecture. That is not "proof" of any kind. Your delusional kind of "proof" is paranoid delusions spouted by the likes of Alex Jones...go worship at his alter and get a life. You know nothing about me so shut your pie hole, punk.
Anonymous said…
Is there a cure for Obama Derangement Syndrome that some of these folks seem to be infected with? Looks like you've got a live one on your board. LOL!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing your kind, articulate thoughts. Have a nice week!
( _x_ )

P. S. I am black and my photo is on this site. : - ) T. W.
Anonymous said…

I wish this man would run for president. Why can't some people see that this is not "both sides" and that these losers are essentially trying to nullify the presidency and force the very agenda that everyone voted against onto the public. This is criminal. I hope their party blows up as a result of these childish, greedy, selfish, stunts they are pulling and trying to blame on the president.

Looks like you have some suffering from that "Obama Derangement" syndrome, among other things on here....smh.
Anonymous said…
Hi JD. Please explain Obama Derangement Syndrome. I voted for him because I thought him to be the lesser of two evils. I believe we should pray for those already in office and pray that the people God wants run for office. Thank you for not name calling and for using correct English. Have a blessed day. T. W.

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