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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Scott Disick.......

The moron who's claim to fame.
Is being attached to a Kardashian.
Scott "Is DICK" Disick.
Is back on the bottle.
We all know that this won't end well.
But I think he's in great danger'
 of not seeing Xmas 2014.


Anonymous said...

What about Lamar Odom? Will HE see Xmas 2014???

Anonymous said...

Maybe Pimp Mama Kris wants it that way. Wouldn't you drink if you had to deal with that succubus? T. W.

Lupita Diaz said...

Enter the Kantrashcan kiss of death

Anonymous said...

His mom just died, that's hard even if you're a dick.

Anonymous said...

That should be another reason for him to turn his life around. All that money he put on his toilet paper holder wpn't bring his mother back. I wonder what she thought when he did that. T. W.