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Told Ya More trouble for The Cult.....
From my 2012 Predictions completed Dec 21st 2011
65. TOM CRUISE. Is in for a rough year on all fronts. Family matters and romantic life is in for a big shake up this year. As well his career taking quite a few hits. One of which will be related to 
his belief in Scientology. Which itself will be dealt some blows this year.

Told Ya 8.0 earthquake.....
Christian Dion The Seer’s 2013 Predictions Completed Dec 19th 2012 3                  Earthquakes.As I told you last year 2012 would have more earthquakes than normal which was so. Well 2013 is going to be worse with more bigger earthquakes, and many, many middle sized ones.

Told Ya Nearer to jail Chris gets..... Wednesday, August 31, 2011 This can only go wrong....... After  Chris"Homophobe/girlfriend beater"Browns. Performance at the VMA's  last Sunday. Lindsay Lohan wants to meet him. Not sure if she wants to date him or work with him. Which ever this  is such a bad idea on so many levels. One or both will end up in " Clinky" Posted by at Wednesday, August 31, 2011