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Told Ya gone ......... Monday, March 15, 2010 Understanding Down Under. It seems teen sensation Miley Cyrus,
Doesn’t quite understand her,
Aussie boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s
dry sense of humour.
Let’s hope she never dates a Brit Ha HA !
She need not worry about
learning the Aussie code of humour though..
He’ll move on to older bait very soon. Posted by at Monday, March 15, 2010

Christian Dion The Seer’s 2013 Predictions Completed Dec 19th 2012

11                  Nth Korea That tinpot arsehole is going to stir up trouble good and proper over the next year and beyond, but I get the feeling that someone will put a stop to him.

The unreality of reality TV

Off the radar for a while. La Toya Jackson. Is trying to flog a reality show involving  her late brothers kids. Paris, Blanket & Prince Michael. Thankfully it's not going to happen.
(well at least not with the kids) No wonder the Pope resigned.