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Told Ya You don't say, how surprising, NOT....
Sunday, March 31, 2013 I listen to no one Still partying hard in Brazil.Although the judge told her to behave.Miss Lindsay "I do as I please" Lohan.Seems to be giving the finger to the court.Is she makes it back from Brazil, in piece it'll be amazing.But if she makes it to her next court date.It'll be a bloody miracle.
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Hi My Darlings 
If you sent or placed a comment in the last 12 hours could you please re send as they were delated by accident.The one I do remeber was TW asking if the UK had the death penalty 
Answer No.

Goin' be a hit......
On June 17th, Robbie Williams, will release a track fro his new album called " The Fifth "The track is called " Goin' Crazy "Both the track and the album will be a hit.Along with a couple of other tracks from the album.the other nice thing is it's going to allow him to crack America.