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THANK YOU.........

TOLD YA..Please people of the UK DO NOT FOLLOW THE PATH THESE MORONS WANT YOU TO.. please don't buy into their BULLSHIT.......This is the image of  "The English Defense League".(If it wasn't so sad it wold be funny) They are using the recent terrible sick murder of a truely brave soldier in advance their cause.They don't care about the soldier or his family, just their agenda.These people are a blend of the Nazis/KKK, with a splash of the skinhead nutters.They want to destroy Great Britain not rebuild it.Below is a pic of the co founder/chiefTommy Robinson.Not his real name. (note his necklace, speaks volumes) He is a thug, plain and simple....One day very soon the truth about this hypocrite will emerge.
Posted by at Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lindsay don't listen to the MORON.

Michael Lohan, is ranting on that he wants his daughter Lindsay out of Betty Ford.Probably the safest place she's been in years.I don't feel she'll listen, thank God.But if she does she might as well sign her death warrant.....