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We are really stupid..

Today I was asked if I believed in Aliens.
(I get asked that all the time)
But today I think I must be a little over sensitive.
I just watched the news.
The Ukraine.
Starving children in the US.
When are we going to learn to take care of each other.
Rather than killing each other.
See as long as we continue on the path we are on.
The Aliens just laugh, shrug their shoulders,
 and leave.
"This lot don't pose a problem, they are too busy destroying each other"
You know, they are right.


Anonymous said…
Sad but true. I'd like to think that there are some very evolved beings among us that are trying to help. Maybe this is wishful thinking. To help us help all living beings, clean up the planet and live the golden rule.
auntliddy said…
Amen brother, amen.
Anonymous said…
There's some no doubt who choose to look over us, as we must be like their younger brothers and sisters:-). Sort of like having a younger brother who's about to get clawed, as he is annoying his cat too much, but you just have to watch and stand back, so he learns cause and effect:-).
(However, in saying that, I'm an adult, and I still go one pat too far sometimes:-)
Also, I'm sure we have mates from other planets who must look over us, cos seriously, otherwise we would have blown ourselves sky high millenia ago, so that's how I know we must be being watched over.
Hello everyone from a beautiful, starry, cricket filled night in New Zealand:-).
T. W. said…
I think you are weary. I am too. I cannot watch the news everyday.

We must pray for one another and ask God to help us love each other. T. W.
T. W. said…
Hi New Zealand. T. W. In North Carolina.

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