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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lost her Ba Ba......

  • Sherri Shepherd and Husband Lamar Sally Getting Divorced

    Lamar Sally, Sherri Shepherd
    Sherri Shepard 
    (the religious zealot of The View)
    and her husband have split up.
    Lamar Sally filed for divorce last week,
     after less than three years of marriage.
    I always got the feeling this wasn't on the level.
    It's going to get nasty.
    Plus it'll show what a hypocrite she is.


    Erika said...

    I watch The View every day. She insults his looks, kisses other men, flirts with them & grabs their muscles. I knew it wasn't gonna work. Good for him for not putting up with it.

    T. W. said...

    I have never liked the view. If the husband is Christian and she misrepresented herself as one then he has every right to file for divorce if their are no children.

    Anonymous said...

    This husband is going to take her to the cleaners like the first one did. I think Sherri is really funny but being raised in a strict fundamentalist home has messed with her head. Word is this husband is going to try to get sole custody of their surrogate baby and make her pay for everything including the girlfriend he had on the side the whole time. You know who would be a good co-host on The View? Ross Matthews. He's hilarious!

    Danesha Holmes said...

    I don't watch the view but Lamar is a sweet man. Good for him if she was treating him wrong.