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Thursday, May 8, 2014

TOLD YA another down the tubes..


Monday, February 25, 2013

Another on the way.......

Katie "Jordan" Price,
 is expecting her 4th child (from various fathers)
This time the father is stripper now husband Kieran Hayler.
They has a quick wedding last Xmas.
Now we know why.
This so wrong on many levels.
I feel sorry for the child.
Lets hope the marriage lasts till the Christening.


T. W. said...

I remember this prediction. While it is sad when marriages don't work out some people do not belong together.

Anonymous said...

Kimmy K has stated that she wants a life like Elizabeth Taylor had. Isn't she going to end up an American version of Katie "Jordan" Price instead?

T. W. said...

Kim is dumber than a box of rocks.

Liz was abused by at least one husband, had back problems, fought addiction, and suffered from congestive heart failure. She even had a brain tumor. Who wants a life like that?