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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WTF.........where are the parents.......

13-year-old Willow Smith posing in bed with 20-year-old Disney star Moises Arias -

Time for Child services to visit The Smith's


Anonymous said...

OMG this is so wrong on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

There are two types of parents in this world. Those who take on the responsibility of being a parent, and those who don't. And that's fine, no judgement, as who knows what shit an adult has been through,... but when you don't take responsibility and spout on about being a new type of parent with a brand new awesome way of doing things, then just shut up. A responsible parent uses their inherent wisdom, to direct their kids AWAY from situations they aren't mature enough to deal with yet, or that would clearly give them issues later on(e.g to a therapist - i feel like my childhood was stolen). An irresponsible parent doesn't know the difference, and just lets their kids get into all sorts of situations that they aren't emotionally or otherwise equipped to deal with. Hey Will and Jada, you have been on the earth longer, it is up to you to use your WISDOM (dig deep) to be a RESPONSIBLE parent. Thanks for again reminding us all what NOT to do:-). Keep it up.not.

T. W. said...

I cosign.

T. W. said...

The poor girl came out as bisexual at the age of 11. What child that age is thinking about sex and why? I honestly believe some parents are pimping their children. Maybe we should ask Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears about that.

Anonymous said...

She is bisexual? What? When was that? I hope her parents/managers are not grooming her to be the new Miley Cyrus and mess her up even more. Can she just be a 13 yr old kid, CD?

Anonymous said...

“Young children (willow & jaden) who are born to parents under mind control get the worst treatment because with both parents in an out of alternate states of consciousness, who does the child have to protect them from the sexual predators and prevent the intense physical and psychological abuse torture?”THIS with the TOTALITY of past record of how WILL and his god for nothing wife have dismissed these children's RIGHTS and BOUNDRIES is CRIMINAL. We don't give a *uck how successful the parents have been on TV because it does not give them a pass to neglect their kids. The fact they are close friends with pedophiles like Tom Cruise does not help. That whole circle of adults is DISCUSTING all in the name of fame power and money.

She is a little girl. Sad her parents don't treat her as such.
Concerned of sexual abuse RAPE, MOLESTATION. Her acting out in social media…an alarming video of her Mom and I think aunt loading adult concerns on her as she is overwhelmed and crying. Her shaving her hair seemingly to be unattractive, declaring she is a lesbian at age 9, piercing her TONGUE.

Jaden being kisses on mouth by Will over and over on press tour in attempt to make it appear fun and acceptable. These idiot parents fail to allow these children BOUNDRIES respectively and that's an outrage as well as non stop abuse. No wonder, you can't blame Jaden for wanting to be emancipated. Poor kids. Really pisses me off the neglect of their rights as "children" thrown out the window. Is it Scientology? Call it stardom? Call it two parents who are bisexual following the ebb and flow of the Illuminati?

Pinka and Will smith are nothing but arrogant, ignorant, despicable, unforgivable, discusting , pathetic lunatic bisexual idiots that grossly dismiss and disregard their children's rights and BOUNDRIES! Let's hope neither Willow nor Jaden end up committing suicide or in the but house.

T. W. said...

Yeah, I saw the pics of Will kissing his son on the lips. That was gross!

Hollywood Street King is reporting Moises Arias is gay, but the appearance the photo gives is not good. HSK claims Jada Pinkett said the photo is not sexual and people are projecting their own paedophilia.

Some people should not have children.

Anonymous said...

Of course they would report that. Its all a agenda. He is 20 and how old is Jaden?