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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Back to the Top...

All these changes that are happening at 
" The View ".
Won't be bad, 
in fact it'll put the show back on top.


Anonymous said...

Good. I think they should bring back Rosie, add a man and maybe a transgender!

T. W. said...

Rosie was the only good thing about that show.

Chaz Bono needs a job.

Anonymous said...

I hate when they say, "so and so" is leaving to pursue other opportunities when you know damn well they were fired. Joy Behar was fired. Or let's just say, "they didn't renew her contract." Same thing. Joy would never leave the show voluntarily. It was a cushy gig with high pay. Joy got into a fight with Barbara when Joy gossiped about the fact that Barbara had been dating Frank Langella, and Barbara lowered the boom. Don't mess with Barbara.

Anonymous said...

They needed a change. . the show jumped the shark years ago!

Anonymous said...

Yeah chaz would be great