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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

He "HE" clocks a ticking..........


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not so smart.........

JLo's $10.000 a week boyfriend/gigolo 
Casper Smart has had her name tattooed 
on his willy.
Thankfully she has only three letters in her name.
I wonder if it is in colour?
What's he going to do 
when she dumps 
Lasers a bitch ha ha..


Anonymous said...

This is interesting. When a person has equipment of both sexes (some are born this way, others have surgery), what do you call the person interested in them? Bisexual? Trisexual? Maybe we need to let go of all these labels or create some new categories...

Anonymous said...

Correct again. ..CD. ..Alot of websites reporting he is misbehaving again. ..

Anonymous said...

Wow. My question is...what does she see in him??? I can see what he sees in her....she's gorgeous and rich, but what does she see in him???

Anonymous said...

You predicted two things: This and Next year will be her by far best year! She has been doing really good. You also said she will realize he is not what she thought and is a fame whore! Finally, you said she will finally find real love. I hope its true. But she has to take off. She goes from one relationship to another.