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Just keeps getting worse..

Friday, December 30, 2011

Predictions 2012

The Futurist’s
Predictions for 2012

(Completed 21 st Dec 2011)

11. IRAQ By late spring civil war will arrive, making the rest of the World was it worth it? No it wasn’t. Once the civil war is over, then we really have to watch the one that comes to power, a real monster. Making the last guy look like Noddy.


Mariefass said…
CD. I kept thinking the same many young lives lost and for what? I always remember thinking as well that so many Iraquis seemed almost ungrateful for the many sacrifices the world made for it. At the end of the day, these extremists have no interest in peace. I fear that this is the beginning of WW3.
T. W. said…
Turkey has cut off water from the Euphrates.Scripture has come to pass. Major war coming. Scripture predicts there will be WW3. Please note it is not same as Armageddon.
T. W. said…
Keep an eye on ISIS. They will take over other nations. The AntiChrist/Mahdi is among them.
Anonymous said…
No, there is not going to be another World War. Higher Beings are acting to protect the planet from such. Please don't put out such energy into the ethers! Put light on all conflict to bring forth peace. We are powerful spiritual beings and collectively we can make a difference. Do not come from fear!
I do have to say, as an American, I am SO PISSED STILL, at the actions taken by the Bush Administrations both, Bushes 1 and 2 and the neo-cons who manipulated events in this region and created the governmental instability to begin with. Granted the Shias and Sunnis have been at each other for generations and there is nothing foreign powers can do to resolve this. They need to figure it out themselves. (Take into the account not only the US lives lost but also the Iraqi lives lost!) Besides, I am sick of the USA always policing the world, especially when in reality; it is the US, particularly the corrupted CIA, who is instigating disruptions. What is happening today is a reflection of the horrible policies taken by these prior Administrations years ago, playing itself out. And what really gets to me are the current voices in Congress who want to get back engaged into this mess---like Lindsay Graham and John McCain—McCain, being a former prisoner of war should know better! And not to mention the criticism, INCLUDING COMING FROM DICK CHENEY, they pile on President Obama, in his recent decision to exchange the Guantanamo prisoners. In a few months they have to released, most of them anyway with our pulling out of Afghanistan. How ironic, even though Obama did not create the mess, he is trying to clean it up. And God/Goddess forbid, many of us will be pissed if they try to impeach him because of this. What about impeaching Bush for setting it up and invading Iraq in the first place---on false pretenses at that!!!! Obama is at the helm at a most unfortunate/inappropriate time in history, having to clean up the BIG MESSES left him, -----the Iraq invasion, the Afghanistan surge, Guantanamo Bay and the crippling economic meltdown. He never gets enough credit for what he has managed to stem and clean up against severe obstacles from the opposition Republicans and Teaparty! Where were all these folks during the last Administration when our budget and deficit ballooned out of control, Clinton left us with a budget surplus, then G.W. Bush used up the entire surplus, AND brought us to the staggering deficit!! See for example:
They never tried to close down the government over the budget or spending, these conservatives didn’t care when they were in charge of the House. In fact most of them voted approval in backing up Bush’s outrageous spending! And how many of you know that Bush did not even put the cost of the Iraq war into the budget, trying to conceal the cost from the American people and leaving it to the next Administration to deal with. Read for example:
Obama, correctly so, corrected that and reflected that cost into his first year budget. Obama had to do what he could to discontinue the free falling economy. He had no choice but to extend TARP initially implemented under Bush, with his one foot out the White House door. What a bunch of hypocrites!
(I wonder what they will react once the truth of 9/11 comes out—turn a blind eye again??)

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