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Sunday, June 1, 2014

TOLD YA Box office success. critical mess...


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dark Disney Flop.....

" Maleficent " 
Angelina Jolie.
Which is set to be released May 3oth.
That has posters allover Los Angeles.
Will be a flop.


Anonymous said...

I love you Christian, but...... this time you were wrong. You said it would be a flop - it was a hit. Flops refer to box office not critics' comments.

Christian Dion said...

Not in Hollywood it doesn't..CD

Anonymous said...

it opened well it first week but that doesn't mean that it going to do good business

Anonymous said...

I have a question about Angelina. Remember when the tabloids got her saying some dumb and ugly comments about her daughter Shiloh and she tried to just shrug it off?? I had a feeling that she was weird and resentful and maybe even jealous of Shiloh based on those comments and some of the pictures snapped of her and Shiloh. I still think she has a problem with Shiloh because she's always talking about those twins and the others and rarely mentions Shiloh except to say something negative (she laughed in my face....etc). I also think Shiloh is the way she is (more like dad...a tom boy) because of the rejection by her mother. It saddens me to ask because I feel like I already know the answer. She is so much more beautiful than those twins....by far. Anyway, if even part of this is true could you possibly elaborate on why she is so snotty/dismissive/neglectful/jealous/resentful or whatever of Shiloh??

Thanks so much,

Mariefass said...

Jolie, according to the critics did a fantastic job....the problem seems to have been with the director. Why did Disney go with a novice director is the question.

Vangie said...

Sweets, how much money did it make for the weekend? it took 170/180mill to make?

Anonymous said...

I think the real question is why does Disney continue to produce flop after flop? I think its time they hired someone new. Wait they did, they hired J.J Abrams. Christian do you see J.J bringing life back to Star Wars and will Disney finally have a success?

Anonymous said...

I think Shiloh would end up a transgender and I agree she doesn't like that kid maybe it has something to do with the fact that she conceived her when still with a married cheater husband

Anonymous said...

the original production is $200million before reshoot + marketing which could end up more than $300m but the media are trying to reduce the budget just like they did her baby daddy's pitt WWZ. anything to do with brangelina are always fishy and they always buy good PR in the media. they are one media manipulator couple in hollywood

Anonymous said...

box office.com has the budget at $235million but as someone said it all a lie because a lot of reporters reported it at 200million before the movie even started and it has it on imdb as $200million production budget

Anonymous said...

Sorry,but Shiloh is a girl or boy?

Anonymous said...

Shiloh is a girl. I don't believe that she was conceived while he was married to Jennifer.

Anonymous said...

Off topic - Christian, here's another told ya'. V Stiviano was attacked by thugs today in NYC.

Anonymous said...

New York Times has called angie and Disney out for manipulation the production budget

From NYT: It’s still a big question whether “Maleficent” will make money. Disney spent at least $300 million to make and market the film. Accounting for the cut of ticket sales given to theater owners, it will need to take in roughly double that total just to break even at the box office. And the movie faces a potential buzz saw next weekend: “The Fault in Our Stars,” a tear-jerker love story from 20th Century Fox, is expected to be enormously popular among women and girls, the “Maleficent” target audience