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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One to watch........

This is Dean Geyer
he's a South African Actor here in America.
I am sure some of you know who he is.
I can't tell you where, how or why I met him.
But I can tell you he's a nice guy.
Who is going to be a "BIG" Star.


Anonymous said...

Awesome ! He looks cool hope to see him in future movies

T. W. said...

He is very cute and I wish him much success!

Anonymous said...

Hi CD! Just read that George Clooney proclaimed his love for Amal on the red carpet. He stated ,"I love you so much and I can't wait to be your husband." Why is he selling the public on this marriage so much?

Christian Dion said...

Exactly cd

Anonymous said...

If he's gay why Christian doesn't out him?

T. W. said...

Christian does not out gays.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking young man. Look out Effron kid.

Anonymous said...

Christian does out hypocrites,if Clooney is gay and he's going to marry a woman,he's a hypocrite.

Maureen said...

CD will not out Clooney or any other gay celebrity. Hypocrite or not. Probably not even politicians. It goes against his inner code of honor. It's their secret to keep (or not). Those that will not live in a lie any longer will venture out.