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Monday, October 6, 2014

No Chance......

How sweet Kris Jenner,
 says that she is ready to date again and find love.
The only thing she loves is money.
So watch out for more crap TV stuff from her.
Along with even more PR.
I think we should send her to Tasmania,
 she'd fit right in.


T. W. said...

Why Robin Williams and why not Kris …

Anonymous said...

Hey man, tasmania rocks:-) its much too down to earth there for her....:-)

Anonymous said...

They leave slime on everyone they get involved with. Who's her love broker, Beezlebub?

Anonymous said...

Hey Christian, What do you see for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively? I see she announced shes pregnant... are they going to stay together?

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian, Is Mariah Carey going to be okay? It looks like her marriage is breaking up (maybe that's a good thing), and now there's videos of her singing and her voice sounds bad. Will she recover and get her beautiful voice back?
Diva Fan

Anonymous said...

Will this foul viper's tyranny of of the wonderful world of E television never end? Where for art thou, Ryan Seacresteo?

Anonymous said...

Christian, What is going on with Bruce Jenner? Is he really transitioning into being a woman?