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Sunday, January 4, 2015


These two give me the creeps.
Mr & Mrs Joel Osteen.
Forget my Psychic view.
Just look at the body language.
Some thing is about to topple them from their Golden Tower.
Remember Jim & Tammy Baker....


T. W. said...

Oooh I wonder who cheated!

You should see how she reacts to Joel during interviews. She looks bitchy and acts like she can't stand him. I bet she has been cheating ha ha ha. I hope it is her doing the cheating.

That man does not have Christian views. His Sixty Minutes and Larry King interviews are on YouTube. I will give you one example. He said he believes there are many ways to get to heaven. The Bible does not teach this. That is AntiChrist teaching. I bet he has the mark of the beast ha ha ha.

I hate his show so much I would rather watch Benny Hinn.

Have you read his books? They are self help books that barely mention God. They are good to read if you know that going in.

I don't know why this guy is popular and why Joseph Prince keeps preaching at his chur h. Yes I do. He tells them the truth when Joel won't.

Oh my God. Did I tell you I hate his show? Jim Bakker still has a show and yes I have seen it. I would rather watch Jim Bakker than Joel Osteen. I HATE HIS SHOW.

T. W. said...

I forgot to say Rick Warren is worse. Talk about anti Biblical teaching. Well, we were warned this would happen in churches in the last days.

Anonymous said...

Rats this is really sad....I just hope it's not him...I really liked him

T. W. said...

Yeah. Joel is more likeable than his wife. Something has always seemed off about her. What's done is done but we can still pray for them.

auntliddy said...

Oh yeah, they are creepy as hell, always have been. Im sure they have many skeletons, just waiting to dance out of the closet.

Anonymous said...

TW, the Bible also warns against psychics and says that homosexuals should be put to death.

Anonymous said...

Good advice T.W. I feel for these two..The news is shocking

T. W. said...

Yes it does. We do not put people to death. Banishment is punishment enough. As far as I know Christian is not talking to the dead or practicing fortune telling. He says his visions are like watching a movie. The Bible does say to test the prophets. If one prediction is wrong they are considered false prophets.

Anonymous said...

Hey CD,
You know what is weird, I viewed your picture of them & before I read your caption....I stated in my private voice....check out their body language as well. Truly, this is how I read all people....BODY LANGUAGE IS THE SUBLIMINAL SOUL SPEAKING OUR TRUE INNER SELF OR PRIVATE SPEECH INSIDE OUR HEADS. The eyes, posture and involuntary hand gesture....incongruent smiles....speak volumes to me. It's not what they say...it how they say it....that is creepy....manufactured and script-like. There is nothing genuine about them. Evil is very deceptive....and often presents itself as the angel of light.
CD....Also... I miss your predictions about Pattinson/Stewart and FKA twigs. I know you're "anti" on them....but, I enjoyed your perspective....maybe reconsider????