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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. This will be the only post re this. I will not comment further AT ALL.

As so many people have been asking, 
really since last year and the still missing airplane.
Now the German one.

As you will now be aware.
The Co Pilot.
Crashed the plane on purpose.
Granted he took the opportunity of that flight, as against planning that flight..
Since 9/11 those that would bid the peaceful people of the World harm.
Have put in place these so called "Lone Wolves" 
To carry out these said attacks.
There are many more to come.
The powers that be know,
that these plans are in place.

But they don't want to panic the public.

To save lives?
To save money.

Imagine what would happen.

If the Powers that be.
ADMITTED such a thing.

"BANKRUPTCY overnight.
That's the real answer.

So as I put in the Title



T. W. said…
Christian, thank you for all the good you do. It is a shame the powers that be are more concerned about money.
Anonymous said…
I find it amazing that so called business people cannot do business (resource sharing) at a profit by means and earn steadily and stabely and for everyone to benefit. These people actually believe they can control the masses for their eternity - no, in no history of man has imprisonment ever lasted. Freedom - even if clawed out of gutters will happen. The world can never belong to only self chosen ones - there is Divine beyond what can be owned or possessed and I firmly have faith that the energies of justice, peace, community and emergence will dynamically and always shine through - what we call Light and Love - we're different but equal. I know this may be a bit long and sentimental - yup, sentiment and Strong with it. Luv to all. Don't fear them. Live your lives fully with love.
Anonymous said…
- Admin please add on Thank you to CD for bringing the mentality of the negative/nasty/dark cabals of egotistical soulgroups. to light - I just posted the long emotional response to this direction. Thank you again.
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Christian. God Bless!
Anonymous said…
I've got my own crystal ball and it says this German pilot was a very immature individual and on psycho medicine for depression and that is why he did it, it was mostly the dangerous prescription medicine he was taking that caused this terrible tragedy. As for the missing Malaysian flight, it was hijacked by the two Middle Eastern guys with passports and the plane landed somewhere close to Africa and will show up again one of these days .... in Europe. Christian, you ought to check out Joseph Tittel and his predictions on youtube .... he's pretty good, only like you, his timing is delayed sometimes by a couple of years.
auntliddy said…
I wonder if this is some sort of Manchurian Candidate set up. Wonder if 2 pilots lives ever crossed.
T. W. said…
I have heard of him.
Anonymous said…
He is really good for a young man
Anonymous said…
So if Christian is bringing up 9/11,does it mean that this pilot had a connection with ISIS/Al Kaida?

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