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Sunday, May 31, 2015

One is not amused, Dear .... off the Christmas list ..

Well, well it seems that Prince Williams',
 mother in law is poking her nose,
 in a little too much.
Apparently she's trying to use her motherly influence a tad too much.
Well, that's going to provoke a bollocking from Lillibet for sure.


NicQuerica said...

Perhaps William actually wants her input...? She couldn't poke her nose in unless the future King of England allows it, no?

T. W. said...

Some mothers are overbearing.

Anonymous said...

Good, that family is too overbearing.

Maureen said...

Kate is close to her parents. It's to be expected that jealousy will ensue with those around William who still think Kate is "beneath" him and resent any influence other than theirs. There have been rumors of disention and the Queens displeasure before and will be again. Besides William is third in line and the Queen has a hands off policy unless there is an embarrassing public display of some sort. We will never know what the Queen tells William. I think she's more likely to talk to Charles first.

Anonymous said...

Carole has always been known to pushy and a snob, just ask her children's former classmates and their mothers. But without her scheming, Kate wouldn't have gotten that ring from Will. I actually feel bad for Kate that I sometimes think she's really not happy. Her mother totally controlled her life.

Anonymous said...

The Queen have long washed her hands off William's affairs, it started when he informed her about his engagement to Kate only few hours before public announcement. Will knew of Queen's reservation over Kate's lack of work ethics after university. Since then she has let Charles deal with his son. In defense of the Queen, she does not meddle in her grandchildren's affair. Will and Kate manages their own work schedule and lifestyle. Trust me on this, the Middletons have Will on their fingers. Not good. Will has to wisen up.

Anonymous said...

Bad vibe on this.