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Monday, May 18, 2015

Paris, by night, Ha Ha ...

So Paris Hilton,
 seems to have been lying low of late.
But she's about to make a comeback.
However let's hope the person she's bonking doesn't show up.
Or his father.
Lots of dark history there.
Can't wait ........


T. W. said...

Well then ...

Patrick Ganley said...

Who is she bonking?

T. W. said...

Whoever it is needs to get tested.

Christian Dion said...

Her ex drug dealers son CD

Anonymous said...

Lights, camera, action! And another mugshot?

T. W. said...

That is not smart.

Anonymous said...

CD rob will find happiness soon right?

Anonymous said...

CD when Rob goes out with friends I notice he's a lot more relaxed and he's actually smiling. Does he have to fight the PR team to get those free days to go out instead of going to twigs show since he can't do what he wants.