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Monday, June 15, 2015

Her Mum has come to take her home.

Bobbi Kristina.
Going home with her mum very soon.


T. W. said...

She can rest now.

Anonymous said...

May she find the peace she couldn't get here.
Christian, sometimes I watch that show, "The Haunting Of..." and it's interesting as some spirits are very helpful from the other side. Do you have a few guides that have always been with you?

Anonymous said...

Thank you God! It wouldn't have been much of a life for her. She deserves better. Xoxo Sarah

Laurie Starr said...

That's Sad. X. She only young. 💖

jan said...

She has had so much going on in her life! May God bless her soul!

Chip said...

i wonder do you think Whitney Houston is in heaven?

Christian Dion said...

Of course CD

Anonymous said...

It's so sad. She never even got to live her life.

Chip said...

OK! Thanks CD. You rock, this site is the best online!

Please never stop posting, and keep up the good work that you do!!

Anonymous said...

Hi CD. This is very sad news. In 1993 at Whitney 's concert at Earl's Court London at the end of the show Bobby brought Bobbi on stage as a baby and both he and Whitney sang We've got something in common. Such a shame Bobbi didn't enjoy to get a long life but I do believe she is going to a better place. God bless her. Tony

Anonymous said...

God bless you CD for your compassionate spirit.

Anonymous said...

This has been such a tragic situation for everybody involved. What I would love to know is if you think Nick Gordon will ever be held accountable in some way for her death. I have always believed he had 'something' to do with it and knows a lot more than he is saying.

Anonymous said...

Very sad. Girl never seemed to have a chance despite the wealth.