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Thursday, October 29, 2015

For Real ????

Derek Jeter & Hannah Davis are engaged.
They are simply dying,
 to spend theirs lives together.
Well, that's good.
As the relationship, is dying before it began.
Oh well.
Mind you ding dong awaits.....


Loveisall said...

Hey CD Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have called it quits too. I have heard they broke up seven months ago but are just announcing it cause one or both have a new beau. Any truth to that?

Anonymous said...

Why do they bother announcing and ask for privacy. Just keep it to yourself no one cares all for publicity.

Anonymous said...

Another relationship that is all for PR

T. W. said...

Word on the street is Never has the herp. If true, I would dump him too.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it he gave herpes to most of the women he dated.

Anonymous said...

Ha! T.W. we must've posted at the same time.

Norah Black said...

Derek seems to have relationship problems, or maybe his "urges" just get in the way. Maybe it isn't easy being with him.

T. W. said...

Indeed. : )

Anonymous said...

speaking of fake relationships, CD could you comment on the status of George Clooney's relationship? Fake or real?

Anonymous said...

Can you do the controversial Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos please.

T. W. said...

They are using each other. Some marriages are based on this.

Maria said...

Call me weird but there is no way I could fall in love with a dude who's pretty much slept with every woman out there. There's a name for people like that and yuck! I'm sorry but someone who needs to sleep with that many people in their lifetime and has no restraint is just yuck to me. Brad Pitt could have slept with zillions of willing women and he didn't. He had control and class.