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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Testosterone overload ...

I know that I have in the past predicted,
 that this moron.
Would do what he is now doing.
But there's worse to come.
The powers that be, need to take heed.
Or it will be to their peril.


Louis said...

Thanks for posting CD...I've been quite spaced out psychically ever since Russians arrived in Syria. It's hard to explain but it only happens at very trying times globally or personally and I didn't know if I was losing it .

I keep hearing one question at the back of my head...."what's going to happen when the Iranian arrive at the the Isreali border?"...I have horribly feeling I know the answer to that.

T. W. said...

Not surprised if it comes to a world war. I guess RasPutin needs to prove he is powerful.

Tony said...

Hi CD. Why are world leaders pussy footing around him? Years ago when I was a child I was always told by my parents 'stand up to bullies' but it seems nobody no one is doing this with him. What outcome can you see? Regards Tony

Maria said...

He is one smooth operator. He's doing all these interviews and coming across very open and diplomatic. I mean, I almost buy it. This is scary, imagining his end game.

Anonymous said...

Was gadaffi that bad you got rid off him but left with something worse.

Puffy Biggles said...

I know Putin is a prick, but elite-ruled America is even worse. The CIA has been paying the ISIS mercenaries all this time, while America has been bombing an empty dessert, pretending to be doing something about ISIS. As far as the elite are concerned, if America doesn't go to war in the next year or so, that ponzi-scheme known as the Federal Reserve is going to collapse and the house of cards will come crashing down on the elite's evil bald heads.

Anonymous said...

He not the only one USA have much to blame for what is happining in Syria ,it all part of the new world order. Wait and see, at least Putin stands up to them.Open your eyes

Anonymous said...

Plenty of War Crimes USA done , no better

Anonymous said...

It's a good chance that with Russian and American fighter jets flying in close proximity with each other that some one will be shot down over Syria,by mistake or intentional mistake.What a mess!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

Do you work for the CIA?

Anonymous said...

Well two wrongs don't make a right. Yes, the U.S. has done bad and has done good. It doesn't mean it's the U.S.'s fault (what Putin does), nor does it mean the U.S. will be involved. It depends on the situation. If it is a world war, we will be involved more than likely. Remember that we did not enter into WWII until they bombed Pearl Harbor, then we had no choice. We were very lucky that we developed the bomb before Hitler or we'd be living in a very different world. I hope that he is put down by his own people before he causes too much destruction. It's a bit more complicated than simply "standing up to a bully" and he is not bullying us. When people are crazy you have to approach them very carefully.....


Anonymous said...

Puffy Biggles, America is bombing an empty dessert because I ate it. Mmmmm, dessert.

T. W. said...

Thank you for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

So it's only good when the US kills but not when other countries do? Okay...

T. W. said...

Murder is wrong. I thought L.O.'s argument was well thought out.

Norah Black said...

I hope he is exposed for the psychopath he is. Didn't he poison someone in Russia who was running for president awhile back. The guy didn't die, but his face was messed up. Putin is a cold stone killer.

Norah Black said...

I think those that claim this guy is "better" than our president need their heads examined.

From the article:

“I am deeply concerned about the mysterious illness of Vladimir Kara-Murza, especially given the recent murder of Boris Nemtsov and the number of Putin’s opponents who have been poisoned,” said Rep. Chris Smith, from New Jersey.

Then there was this poisoning by Putin.

There is this article as well:

And this one:

I could go on, but I think this is enough for light reading. Please share these with the misguided people that hero worship this guy. He is sheer evil.

Anonymous said...

US's bombs dropped on a city of Afghanistan a few days ago killed many people.Almost every day there is terroristic attack in Iraq.Now Syria;US says they fight with ISIS since 2014 together with Turkey etc,but what are the results?Million of refugees want to get to Europe because they can't live in the horror of a war.Christian says some enigmatic predictions,only political good will can change something.US?Russia?

Anonymous said... from what Putin is saying makes a lot of sense!! This actually surprised me!!

Norah Black said...

Youtube...meh. Anybody can post something on it and add and delete what they want. Putin makes sense? I am sure he is quite a manipulator, but he's a murderer and he is addicted to power.