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Monday, November 23, 2015

Not for long ..

So Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello.
Got hitched over the weekend.
This isn't going to very far.
Divorce before a couple of Christmas's,
 have gone by.


Siriankitten said...

Guess their just loving every moment..

T. W. said...

Can't stand Sophia. I heard she supplies cocaine to the stars.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... No magic in his Mike?

Anonymous said...

Another sham relationship for publicity will she have his baby no wasn't in the contact I guess.

Anonymous said...

What? Where? How did that come about?

Anonymous said...

That's a bummer. They make such a handsome couple and seem like nice people. CD - did you ask us for our wish list for your predictions this year yet? Did I miss it?

auntliddy said...

Anan- its an old blind from enty of cdan. Supp its how she made a living til she got sucessful in show biz. I just dont see it tho.

Anonymous said...

Even this picture the poses are staged no real chemistry, she looked happier with her billionaire ex.

Maria said...

I seriously can't stand Sophia either. She's on an infomercial right now selling a coffeemaker. She has sold her integrity for greed and unless she's funding an orphanage somewhere I can't imagine why she needs the money so bad. The woman will slap her picture on anything to sell for a paycheck.

As for her relationship with Joe, I'm not surprised. Lust will only take you so far. In the end if there's nothing to talk about after sex you lose interest real fast.

Erika Byrne said...

I totally agree. She is a LOT OF WOMAN and the energy I get from him is quite weak. I think they are totally mismatched. Not good!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of them , maybe because live in England.

Anonymous said...

Well in that case, I really don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Clooney and Alma hide it better. She promotes her career endlessly though.

Anonymous said...

CD you were spot on about Charlie Sheen. Is anybody else famous going to be caught up with this?

Anonymous said...

Rumor is that he's gay and she is just a beard.

Anonymous said...

Sheen and that video with another man I hope it stays hidden. CD you we're right.

T. W. said...

Yes, you did miss it but you can still ask. It takes a lot of Christian's time and energy to complete.

T. W. said...

Sophia is on a sitcom called Modern Family which airs on ABC.

Loveisall said...

They got married very quickly

nico123 said...

This may be the real thing CD. You were wrong about Kaley Cuoco.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian,

I am writing you with an open but with much concern. I understand you DON'T do free readings, but I am writing you with an open heart.

I was divorced back in 2010. I was with him for 10 years, married for 5. It ended amicably, at least on my part. But I have to say, since then, my life has been in shambles, especially my love life. So much so, at times I feel cursed. I have been trying desperately to move on, even after 7 years. God knows I want to find love again and to allow myself to find love again, but I feel like I am not worthy of love. Every time I think I am finally healing, something knocks me right back down. I feel lost, tired, and alone. I sometimes wonder if it's too late. I literally feel like I'm going crazy.

Please help.

Christian Dion said...

Send me a recent photo of you I will add it to my healing list. 2016/7 will be much better send to

Anonymous said...

Thank you Christian, I will send be sending you my photo shortly. God bless you! ❤