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Monday, November 9, 2015

Quack, Quack ...

Donald " Babyfart" Trump's appearance on SNL.
Gave them the biggest ratings for years.
Just as he planned.
Which still won't get him the Whitehouse.
However it will get him,
the lead in the polls back from Dr Carson.
Maybe even the GOP leadership.
More fun to come he he ...


Anonymous said...

Will Hillary Clinton ever be held accountable for her many illegal dealings/lies? Does she ever get to prison?

T. W. said...

I don't know what to say. Politics is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Yep you have to be a comedian too.

Sarah said...

I'd vote for him. We've had worse!

Anonymous said...

Trump really wants to be president despite acting the fool he actually believes he has a chance. Well that's a wake up call that many were backing are a version of Trump in disguise too.

Anonymous said...

And Trump is any better than Hilary? If only you knew how staged the Miss America competitions are and how much of a front they are for his business. All those girls who worked so hard. Keep him there, Hilary will win the gold medal for sure.

Also Christian….

Was that a UFO?

Thank you! :D

Christian Dion said...

No UFO just a miss;e from an American submarine Cl

Anonymous said...

Wait an American submarine? Aww. Okay. Thank you. :)

Maria said...

As a Democrat I have no problem with Trump dividing the GOP. He has always said very stupid and reckless things. I don't know why people are acting shocked. I just don't take him seriously. That said there is a strain of racism and bigotry in America he's appealing to and I always find that disturbing.

Anonymous said...

I just hope Ben Carson is out - he speaks with closed eyes- weird and he lied about his life, etc. Glad it's coming out. Now Hilary needs to be our next & First female president if not Bernie Sanders ( but you already mentioned that B might have some health issues or something wrong with him- good guy Bernie- hope all is well with him) Thank you CD!! Peace & Blessings your way!!

T. W. said...

Ben Carson has documented vision problems.

Anonymous said...

Haha no we haven't. Not agreeing with someone's politics is one thing. Not one president that we've had is as evil as him. He's a joke and so are his supporters.

Anonymous said...

Will Donald Trump ever be held accountable for his many illegal dealings/lies? Does he ever get to prison?

T. W. said...

Woodrow Wilson was a racist, same as Trump.

Anonymous said...

CD is right about the missile. It landed in the Salton Sea area, which is directly over the southern end of the San Andreas fault.
TW, you brought up an interesting parallel between WW and Trump. Woodrow Wilson also sent the US to war in WWI and started the Federal Reserve.

T. W. said...

Yes. I believe he started the League of Nations, which was a precursor to the United Nations.

Petinhse said...

Are you predicting Donald Trump will not be president?

T. W. said...

Christian has said for a long time Hillary will be President.

Anonymous said...

Trump is sooooo crazy!