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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Well they got one lot of presents at least...

So Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Spend the Holidays Together in Oklahoma.
Their first and last together.
Lucky to see Easter, to be honest.


T. W. said...

The PR people think we are dumb.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked at what a fame whore Gwen turned out to be. She did not spend xmas with her kids! Gavin must be the better parent. Is she having a nervous breakdown?

Anonymous said...

Too funny

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:16--Her mental state? Does Santa wear a red hat? Because she's at the age when "The Red Hat Society" can come calling.

Anonymous said...

A port in the storm.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was in the custody agreement that Gavin got the kids on Christmas.

Maria said...

I'm kind of bummed to be honest but not surprised. They are cute together but it moved way too fast and they went public way too fast. That's lust not serious love. Plus she's a mom. Once she starts to think clearly (haha), she will see other things and start thinking twice.

Or not. lol What do I know? ;D

Anonymous said...

The two of them must not have anything to do

Norah Black said...

Total mismatch in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

At least these two Are going out, did he even go out with Miranda, except to the grammy award show

Anonymous said...

Now Miranda got herself a young guy to tote around with, will Blake get jealous?