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TOLD YA ........
Saturday, March 7, 2015All about the ratings, Doc ...
So after taping an episode of Dr Phil. (Like he really cares, well he does but only about the ratings) Nick Gordon, "Hubby" of Bobbi Kristina. Has checked into rehab. Afraid a little too late. Let's see who sees Whitney first?

I wonder ???

I hope Teressa Giudice. Isn't able to read my blog in "Clinky" Ha Ha. If she can I can confirm that her,  Felon, Conman, Scumbag, Arsehole "Husband". Is spending more time drinking & cheating on her. Than caring for her daughters. Mind you that's no surprise. I predicted way before she went up river. That he won't go to prison. When she gets out. He'll just do a runner. How? well for along time he's been playing squirrel with "Funds". Off shore. Going to be fun, I think. To watch this drama play out. I wonder if Andy Cohen knows, ermm .