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So many have asked for me to do again so here goes ..

So here's how it works.

Normally a 3 question email reading is $50USD.
These readings normally take 48 hrs to get your reply.Please allow 76 hrsBut as a treat.

FOR 48 hrs  ONLYYour Reading Request must be received before Midnight May 12th  2015  Pacific Coast Time USA
Christian will answer 6 questions for $50USD.

You send your 6 questions along,
with a recent head & shoulders photo.

You send your $50USD payment via paypal.

Coming soon .....

Hello My Darlings.Changes are a foot.I will be "Channeling" from a new "Perch"to you all very soon.

Told Ya, from Blonde to Brunette
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
God, I needed a laugh today, here it is HA HA HA LOL..
So Ryan "Mr Showbiz" Seacrest, is dating yet another blonde.This one is called Renee Hall a "model" surprise.Whom he met at his 40th birthday ( is Mum must be frantic) party recently.The difference this one has an 8yr old son.Erm ....Hope she isn't expecting a nice day out, on the 4th of July.

The perils of channel surfing .....

Last night I was trying to find something, to watch on the "Telly".When I stumbled upon an episode of RHOA.UGH ....As I was watching up popped Porsha Williams.WTF .....She's off the rails.Plus I see bad times ahead for her.