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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Not Good, at all...

Zac Efron, needs to get his act together.
Otherwise, the upcoming fall.
Will prove to be.
Something he can't get up from.


Anonymous said...

Was just thinking about him today since it's the 10th anniversary of the High School Musical release. In fact I had remember having a dream about him a couple of years ago and he even passed away. Will it get to that extent CD?

Loveisall said...

This is sad. I really hope he gets the help he needs

Anonymous said...

You mean he won't graduate!? Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I have heard of his drug issues, etc., and also that he is in the closet. if he is gay, wish he would come out and know it will be ok and that we will love his beautiful self -no matter what. But this drug issue- he needs to get a grip. ALso- heard that this girl he is seeing is just a beard and she has connections to drugs. Some one close needs to step in and help him. Prayers For Zac!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Dion: Different topic I know but what is going on with Dicaprio and Rihanna? I did n't buy all the previous stories about them but more than one person who was in the same room as them last week has said that they were snogging each other's faces off. They could be lying but the fact that Dicaprio has stopped the publication of photos using French privacy laws means that something of a private nature MUST have been photographed because under French law you can only use the privacy law to suppress photos if those photos show something that has implications for your private life.

Melic21 said...

very troubled young man i pray he has the strength to get help

T. W. said...

We love you Zac.

Maria said...

His recent instagram really bothered me. I lost a lot of respect for him. So my compassion will be stretched very thin when something happens.

Anonymous said...

Hey CD, What's the deal with the rumors that Chris Evans (Capt. America) and Jennifer Lawrence are dating? Rumor or real deal?

Anonymous said...

I've seen his recent pics and he looked very nice.CD,are you talking about drugs?

Anonymous said...

This is terribly sad to me, because it's all so needless. He's wasting away inside because he won't let himself be who he is, and that kind of build-up can cause all sorts of disease and addiction.

I think this is similar to the implosion Louis Tomlinson is going through while still being on his PR's dog lead. They'd both be so much MORE loved and appreciated if they just opened up and let themselves be who they ARE.