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Thursday, January 21, 2016

TOLD YA, Madge going off the rails, It begins ..


Friday, January 31, 2014

Rough times ahead....

After watching Madonna,
 at the Grammys the other day.
I couldn't quite work out,
 what was wrong with her.
Was it the outfit?
Was it the silly stick?
No, she's not well.
She needs to take care of herself.
Otherwise she's going to end up in the hospital,
 for along time, or worse.


T. W. said...

I wonder what is wrong with the High Priestess of the Occult. Wait, Shirley MacLaine is the High Priestess.

jane uk said...

Not happy, hope all her children will be ok.

Anonymous said...

It looks like there's some serious mental and emotional issues underneath all the other stuff that's going on in her life. I hope she gets help before she totally loses it and her children.

NicQuerica said...

She's losing it. Maybe so many years of working so hard has caught up with her. She needs rest...and perhaps rehab.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fear of aging and the ivory tower is crumbling.

Sarah said...

She is such an iconic entertainer! She has so much money. She needs to stop touring and work on a movie, write a book, etc. she's losing her son. Needs to meditate and focus!

NicQuerica said...

But she already did those things. I think she wrote a children's book some years ago. I think a long vacation someplace peaceful with her kids may be just the thing to get her right again. And maybe some art therapy. She's probably in alot of pain over this custody battle for her son.