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Monday, February 15, 2016

Told Ya Overdrawn...

Monday, February 24, 2014

Clearly not too bright.....

Kanye " I am God/Moron" West.
Is trying to get his baby's Momma.
To break from Kris "Momanger" Jenner.
He seems to think that Kim will do that.
He's NUTS.
This is the beginning of the end,
 for these two idiots.
Just wait till the money woes are revealed.


Anonymous said...

If Dumb & Dumber were legally wed (maybe even that was a sham) will she be liable for his debts?

Anonymous said...

from what we all know of Kim…. she will divorce him if doesn't have any money to support the lifestyle she wants…There are rumors that Kanye is secretly gay and has a fashion designer bf in Paris…. but who knows….. except…. Amber Rose and Kim…. I don't understand why guys or even the ladies have to cover up their sexuality & get "beards"

Anonymous said...


T. W. said...

Poor Kanye. Kardashian Kurse struck again.

Anonymous said...

He's such a jerk!

Anonymous said...

Hope he can get out if it fast, Kin has to find someone with a big enough account before she junps ship. They are hiding their baby I wonder why. And they are a novelty not as popular ad their countless followers make them out to be. I wonder how much the K's have left.

Anonymous said...

Ding-Dong you hit another one on the head CD. Is there more to come love and light ;)

Anonymous said...

Omg, no wonder he is not acying like himself, $$$$ worries

Anonymous said...

Kim won't take on the debt some of which she caused this fairy tale is a nightmare how much longer can he afford to pay her.

Anonymous said...

seriously a great post!

and seriously, these two morons, tweedle dee, and tweedle dumberer both deserve each other. LOL.

These guys are so far off the planet, its not funny. LOL.

Anonymous said...

So the K's desperately need their show to go on money worries balling like billionaires I guess Caitlin is the rich one again no wonder they allowed Cait back in the picture. Why did Kanye blab? Only real friends help in your time of need not show business friends the press are going to dig and snoop now.

jane uk said...

Greed is their downfall. They both should be ashamed of themselves. The money they hav wasted.So many poor and homeless, in USA, could of done with help. Discusting.

Anonymous said...

He's asking Mark Zuckerberg for a Billion $$'s to fund his 'ideas' now. What a delusional nutjob! He honestly thinks he's the greatest musician and fashion designer of all time. And my guess is that most of the thousands of 'follower's the K's have are following for the sole purpose of mocking them and not because they admire them.

Anonymous said...

He says everyone is calling him, what do you think will happen to Kimora Lee's husband will he get indicted he has taken leave from Goldman Sachs.

Anonymous said...

Both used each other but I don't think the K's are going to get away this time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah he has been acting even more off the rails than usual. It's like he's starting to crack up BIG time.

Maria said...

I seriously cannot stand this a-hole. I despise his ego, cruelty and then his bs apologies. I love that this is the jerk Kim has chosen to spend her life with. They deserve each other. Or at least to make each other miserable until it ends.

Anonymous said...

Latest News: Apparently Kanye is so desperate he is petitioning fans for his own Rolling Stone magazine cover. Rolling Stone responded kindly and said NO. On Twitter he posted a poll asking people if he should be on the cover and thus far, 59% say YES. Also, he apparently had a meltdown while on location at Saturday Night Live this past weekend. His rant was recorded and he also goes off on Taylor Swift (again). This guy has a problem and as Christian predicted, things in his future do not look good. I don't wish people ill but there are consequences to bad behavior.