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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

More tantrums to come ..

Susan Boyle had a meltdown,
 at the airport the other day.
To such point she had to be taken away,
 in an ambulance.
It's about time.
That the powers that be.
That made her famous.
Who are raking in a fortune from her.
Need to have someone travel with her at all times.
As well as watching out for her.
Or else ..


T. W. said...

I didn't know she was mentally unwell. Poor woman.

Ashli said...

I know you've reported on Beyonce and Jay-Z before, but who is " becky" that Beyonce is referring to? Is it Rita Ora or Rachel Roy? Or both?

Frugal and Fabulous said...

Rita, rachel, rihanna...jay seems to like R names! lol

Anonymous said...

Susan Boyle is sensitive and a gifted performer. She's made a number of people very rich. You'd think someone in her family or management would be looking out for her welfare!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Susan ought to receive sold nurturing/emotional support and not just be someone(s) meal ticket.

OT/ CD, thanks again for the hope you offered me via a reading. Tomorrow morning is the surgery correction event. Your continued prayers are much appreciated.

~ Johanna ~

Jane UK said...

I wish she didn't get famous . I'm sure she was happier before.

cecilia bryant said...

Sending prayers to you Johanna. <3

T. W. said...

Prayers sent.

Anonymous said...

She was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome just in the last couple of years. Everyday situations can be overwhelming even if you know why you struggle with them. Living through that for decades without knowing the underlying reason is even harder, and mental problems are very common in late-diagnosis Aspies. She's in a pressure cooker, and all in the public eye. I hope she has people who care and can help her cope.

Anonymous said...

My youngest son is an Aspie. I am saying prayers for her. God bless her.

Common Sense said...

This woman has an extraordinary voice and was kind of thrust into the world of fame and fortune. I certainly do not think it has been easy for her. The pressures must be enormous to constantly tour and perform when she probably just wants to sit and have a nice cup of hot tea and watch the clouds go by. People think all that money must make it worthwhile, but there is such a huge price for fame. I wish her well and pray that she gets the support and rest that she needs.