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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Nearly gave me a migraine..

So Ex " Girls Aloud " member, 
"GF" of Liam Payne.
As well as soon to be Ex, X Factor UK Judge.
Cheryl "Tone Deaf" Cole.
Is leaving her cushy Judging job.
To wait for it focus on her singing career, 
and her new "BF".
How I mangaged to type this I am not sure.
But I am sure of the fact.
That this is the biggest mistake of her life.
Oh, Well...
(Stork next)


T. W. said...

Wow, I thought I made bad decisions. This takes the cake.

Anonymous said...

She believes she can sing and get by on looks, some people havehave. But don't leave your cushy job that pays, until your set.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding great humor to my day...your quote "How I managed to type this I am not sure" was hilarious. I do not know anything about this celebrity so I am not laughing at her... your sense of humor truly made and saved my day. Thanks :) MF

Common Sense said...

Such a lovely picture of her. Oh, us girls do foolish things for a man we love! But most of us learn the lesson the first time! In Cheryl's case, it appears she hasn't opened the memo yet. I cannot believe she would jeopardize her career, a good paying gig such as the X-Factor judge. Jobs like that don't come around every day. Looks can only take you so far for so long...

Common Sense said...

Yes, thank you Christian for making me laugh so hard. I agree with Anonymous at 1:50 a.m. I love the way you write your little blog quips!

Anonymous said...

Please can you do a prediction for Johnny Depp? I get the feeling he has given up on finding his happiness and has lost who he is, so decided to settle for Amber. Perhaps im wrong (Im not sure how well developed my own psychic ability is) but that's the feeling I get when I see his picture. Would be interesting to know if you feel that's the case with him aswell and what you see happening for him

Anonymous said...

Amber doesn't love Johnny but his money talks to her and her career has plateaued so she'll stay longer and get a large pay check to leave and go back to being gay again but wealthy. She will most likely hold off on pregnancy unless her position is threatened.

jane uk said...

She is finish and i think the xfactor should go as well,people in UK gone of her and the programe.

T. W. said...

Janet Jackson is planning to start a family using IVF treatments. Rumor has it she already has a daughter.