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Monday, April 4, 2016

Simon Says ..

So Simon Cowell says.
That Cheryl Cole & Liam Payne.
Are madly in love.
Yeah right.
With the same shoes & handbags....


Anonymous said...

Woah Rob pattinson was seen in pics with girls hanging on him from the 2nd. Looks like you have a told ya to write soon CD.

Anonymous said...

That's too funny... so they are both beards?

chris said...

Hi CD:
Can you take a look into the DC Madam scandal threatening to ruin one of the U.S.Presidential candidates running for 2016? Will the lawyer for the case get the files released? It is in front of the Supreme court right now. Who is implicated? Cruz, Trump, Clinton? He is claiming the release is in the larger interest of the people and the election. Will he succeed? Will he live? He has the info set up on a 72-hour auto release should anything happen to him. #nodummy

jane uk said...

She should know better at her age.

T. W. said...

Liam does look suspect.

Anonymous said...

Laughed out loud Christian!

Common Sense said...

Ridiculous! In this photo, he looks like her little brother. He's much younger than she is. I mean, she is 32 years old going on 50 with all her life experiences (meaning her constant change of male companions). I don't get it. Crazy in love? More like just crazy...

Anonymous said...

No girls were hanging on Rob,Anon 10:46 he was photographed with a woman not a girl who put an arm on his shoulder and another woman who was whispering to his ear. He unfortunatelly didn't even had his hands around them.

Anonymous said...

Yes but the media are making it out to be bad as it was....but I do think somthing did happen that night with Rob and that women because rob isn't a cheat because he hasn't got anyone to cheat on anyways lol