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Monday, June 20, 2016

Beyond Cradle snatching ..

Even though 22 goes into 32 a hell of a lot more, than 32 goes into 22.
The PR time around these two,
 is just going to go way too far.
So the powers that be, 
not only are trying to get us to believe.
That the relationship between, 
One Directions Liam Payne,
 & (Still married) Talent judge, 
Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.
Is real, now they are saying, 
that they are trying for a baby.
He's a child himself...
This is going to end so badly, 
one of them will be pushed over the edge.


Anonymous said...

I feel so so sorry for all the One Direction boys constantly dealing with such absurd and outlandish PR stunts!!! The boys deserve so much better. I hope it's not Liam who suffers she acts like she's the greatest thing.. Ugh.. Poor Liam!!! Liam having a baby with Cheryl is as absurd as the whole LOUIS PR Stunts with Fake girlfriend and Fake baby Mama!!!

Frugal and Fabulous said...

Iggy azalea finally broke it off with nick young after he cheated...just like christian predicted

T. W. said...

I wish this didn't have to happen.

Anonymous said...

the meltdown might work in Liam's favor.. Publicity he needs for a future album. Zane , get off of the drugs. You have a wonderful voice suited to R&B.

Jane Uk said...

He seems a nice lad, she got enough money to live on surely? So what if your not famous anymore, what's it matter?

Cs said...

I wondered if any of this was real. She loves the PRESS!

Common Sense said...

What the hell? There is something seriously wrong with this woman. I have an awful feeling that other than the innocent child, that Liam, the other "child" is going to be the one pushed over the edge. This is a tragedy.