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Monday, June 13, 2016

No Psychic Gossip toDAY..

R.I.P Those that have gone home, way too early.
Prayers and thoughts to those that are in hospital.
As well as the family & friends,
 of those that were felled.
God Bless....


Common Sense said...

Absolutely horrific. The largest mass shooting in America. Apparently the Pulse nightclub was a safe haven where people could be part of a family, because their own families rejected them.

CyndiTx123 said...

Heartbroken & sadden by this horrifying attack on innocent people by this low life monster!!! what really disgust me is that the Lt Governor from Texas - who is a crook by the way- had a biblical quote about this attack on his twitter or fb account. Such nonsense! I hope karma gets him quick!
Prayers & love for all that has been affected by today's events. God BLess!!

Anonymous said...

My condolences to the families who lost love ones. White light to the victims on their journey to God's paradise. Love and healing.

Maria said...

Went to bed hearing about a shooting at a club and woke up to news of large scale horror, a planned attack and 50 deaths and wounded. We cried and hugged but I am so angry and ever more resolved to stop this cycle. Guns first, hate next.

Anonymous said...

I am severely saddened by all of this hate and chaos that is happening globally. Feels like the Dark Side has taken over and maybe it is time the good people wake up and try to turn things around instead of accepting what the evil doers do. :((

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gays are being banned from giving blood in Orlando to the gays who need it after the massacre. FDA restrictions are not being lifted until later this year, but only if the person giving blood hasn't had sex in one year. Another example of the inhumane treatment of homosexuals.

This is not a rumor, but reported by major news organizations like the Washigton Post, et al.

Errin Taylor said...

Christian, I was so distraught by this I caled in sick to work today. I'm beginning to feel my anxiety return, not to mention depression. Those amazing souls had no right to lose their lives, it's utterly senseless. I'm so sad...may they all rest in peace.