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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Road Trip.......

So Oh So Sweet, not....
Taylor Swift, flew with her latest,
 "Beau" Tom Hiddleston, 
along with a slew of bodyguards.
To the UK to see his Mum, for 24 hrs.
WOW, I hear you say, so nice .....
Just another part of the PR effort,
 to make her look like the good guy.
In response to the last recent breakup,
 with Calvin Harris.
It won't work.
Well it can't it's not REAL.
Anyway at least it didn't cost her as much,
 as it would have done last month.
The price of gas for the fancy private, 
was much less this week.
She needs a proper fall, and it's coming.
Once the World sees,
 what a nasty piece of work she is.


Anonymous said...

Taylor "Queen of Beards" Swift probably makes a small fortune with her bearding contracts. I'm waiting for the day all her fake relationships and lies catches up with her!!!! I feel SORRY for ALL TayGays having to parade around with her!!!

Frugal and Fabulous said...

I cannot wait for her proper fall!

T. W. said...

This is funny.

Anonymous said...

Taylor need to come out of the closet. All jokes aside, is their a site for professional beards? I really need to pay my student loans. Plus, I cash strapped.I's serious folks.

Anonymous said...

Bye bish.

Common Sense said...

Well, I'm shocked! I guess the sweet Taylor is a thing of the past! I thought the photo was interesting, cozy with the Mom, and Taylor's Louis Vuitton bag!

Anonymous said...

What a hilarious time to visit ma-in-law-to-not-be, just as the country has an industrial scale collective psychotic break. 'I love the smell of democracy in the morning...'

LA GB said...

She looks so detached, her mind is certainly not where her body is and I really don't like her behaviour. Thing is when you're not true to yourself you end up getting spat out on the other-side somewhere down the road, she'll learn but not until she's older.

Anonymous said...

Ok, CD she is this and that but Tom is even more crazy to be part of it. He was seen as this serious educated actor with his posh background and right now he needs a young lady to look more fansy?

Anonymous said...

Mom looks happy. Maybe she's getting lots of PR goodies! Tay Tay's really pushing this one. She must want a movie career. Does this mean Tom's already "gone Hollywood"?

Anonymous said...

you can see it in her face she never smiles and is unhappy. I can't name any of her songs either.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:26, here's the name of all of her songs: "We broke up and I hate you."

Maria said...

CD what am I missing! LOL

I seriously don't see anything nefarious in Swift but I seem to be the only one who feels that way. I'm too old to be a fan but she seems like such a smart, nice young lady. However so many people see her the same way you do, so I'm confused. What do I know, really? You guys might be right and I'm just naive as hell. lol