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Friday, June 10, 2016

TOLD YA, that wa quick..


Friday, June 10, 2016

LEAVE ......

For those of you that live near, any of the sites.
Of the Euro 2016, football games.
LEAVE now.
It's going to be very sad, as over half a million.
Brit Footie fans swarm on Europe.
They really don't know ow to behave .
Then there's the bloody Isis morons, 
who are planning major attacks.
One or two will not get stopped.


Anonymous said...

I live in Spain and was gonna go to France with some friends to support Spain in the Eurocopa. I'm finally not going but now I'm fearing for them. They'll leave on next Sunday :(

Anonymous said...

It is a mistake to play matches in a city where Muslims are 1/3Rd of the population especially during Ramadan. Football fans should behave though.

Anonymous said...

What??? Why should people care about ramadan? it's european event and no religion is allowed to stop people from celebrating and I say it as a person who doesn't like football and I don't watch this.

Christian Dion said...

With comments like the one re Ramadan is why people elect idiots like Trump & Farrage CD ps Ramadan is a GLOBAL EVENT

Anonymous said...

People, get yourself and or loved ones on CDs Angel List. Prayers for your protection during travels.

LA said...

I watched the opening ceremony and felt a bit scared....I felt like the terrorists could attack anyone at any time, they really don't care who they kill. I'm sending positive vibes to France this morning & hope everyone stays safe....... and hope the football fans pack it in and behave, they are a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

The politics who are responsible for wars in Iraq , Afganistan etc. are not only republicans. The muslim people are the biggest victims of these wars so don't pretend like you or other people here care so much about ramadan and Muslims.

T. W. said...

No one is winning this war. There are innocent people on all sides.

Anonymous said...

"The muslim people are the biggest victims of these wars" The majority of the perpetrators of the bloodshed in the middle east are other muslims. One thing I've noticed about the Islamic mindset is an absolute incapacity to recognise when their own 'side' do wrong. Everything is always everyone else's fault, even when muslims themselves are the overt aggressors and oppressors. The wars are at root sectarian civil war, with fascistic supremacism on all sides. I see muslims blaming the West all the time, but never ever acknowledging the fascism within Islam. The Western governments' policies have added fuel to it certainly, but even if the West had stayed out, the middle east would still be soaked in blood and still trying to blame everyone else.